paladin red wine vinegar


Red Wine Vinegar is a product with numerous health benefits that is made from the best grape varieties of the Iberian Peninsula.

A spoonful of vinegar contains just 1mg Calcium, whereas a spoonful of milk contains 20mg. However, there are people whose stomach cannot produce the necessary amount of acid; vinegar is good because its acidity level allows for the absorption of Calcium and other minerals.

Health benefits

Red Wine vinegar helps the absorption of fat and vitamins A and E, while also enabling bile and pancreatic enzymes release in the intestine. It also helps lowering blood glucose levels that at times may make us want to eat too much.

As you can see, Red Wine Vinegar contributes directly to your well-being, while being more aromatic in flavour than the other kinds.

Nutritional Profile

FAT (g) : 0g
Of which Saturates(g) : 0g
Of which Sugars (g) : 0g
PROTEIN (g) : 0g
SALT : 0g

Product description

Cider Red Wine Vinegar 500 ml.



Allergen Information

Contains Sulphites.

Gluten Free GMO Free Vegan Vegetarian