The Soul Food Collective Snacking Range



We have created a range which is convenient organic snacking at a competitive price.

Firstly our organic fruit based products go through a gentle freeze drying process which not only maintains the integrity of the fruit, but also guarantees an intense aroma and flavour. We then gently coat in organic and Fairtrade Belgian chocolate to give an overall indulgent snacking experience, and with the dark chocolate offers natural health benefits from the naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids.

Our Organic chocolate coated Soya beans have undergone a patented roasting process which offers fat free roasting upto 40% less fat than nuts. Our co-packer works with farmers in Austria to grow organic not only Soya Beans, but also Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds which are Gluten & GMO Free.

The Pumpkin seed are only slightly roasted, but combines exquisitely with the intense dark chocolate to give a healthy indulgent snack.

The packaging has been designed to be convenient, engaging, informative and above all eye catching rainbow of colours which fits perfectly into the indulgent looking printed shelf ready case. Organic Snacking at its Best!!