Paladin Vinegars & Dressings


Born in Golegā in 1982 Mendes Goncalves have become the Pioneers and Innovators in Vinegars, Sauces and Seasonings. Over the years not afraid to take risks from first concept Fig based vinegar to the new Tomato vinegar, always pushing the boundaries whilst keeping traditional Portuguese. Their philosophy has always been to support local farmers whilst maintaining traditional methods for their Oak aged range.

Supplying over 33 countries they have achieved double digit growth over the last 6 years, continually investing in Research & Development and New Technology to maintain their status as one of the top suppliers of Vinegar based products in Europe.

Paladin Vinegars - 500ML

The word VINEGAR comes from the French VINAIGRE meaning SOUR WINE.

The process involves fermentation of natural sugars of the grape into ethanol by yeast action. Then a further process involves the bacterium (Acetobacter) which converts the alcohol into acetic acid, so forming vinegar. Our wine vinegars come from the best grape varieties of the Iberian Peninsula. Our Rose Vinegar is our newest product which offers a unique sweetness and subtle flavour which like our Red & Wine 500ml vinegars offer versatility in recipe ideas, able to be used in sauces, marinades or simply a dressing. The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in particular are been well documented, with new medical research suggesting its use can help in acid reflux, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes and help support weight loss. 

Paladin Fruit Vinegars - 260ML

Simple and Inspiring to add a fruity flavour to any meal. This range of 5 Vinegars adds a touch of class through a splash real fruit concentrate…from Red Berries to Tropical Mango and Passion Fruit.

Our newest creation being the Tomato Vinegar, developed from the Sun Ripened tomatoes grown in Portugal this unique offering is a first in the market.

Paladin Oak Aged Vinegars - 500ml

Sublime and Traditional, even though we are always working on new Innovative Flavours and product concepts, we do believe in maintaining the traditional methods, keeping one foot in the past to age our special range of vinegars in Oak Castes. This aging process of 6-9 months gives a much rounded flavour giving a versatility to everyday meal occasions.

Paladin Dressings 250ml

Simple, tasty and innovative. We have developed this range to be provocative and thought provoking to inspire everyday use on everyday meals. From Yogurt & Mint on your salad or used for dipping to our newly created range of Avocado, Pomegranate and Passion fruit dressings.