Soul Food Collective

Soul Food Collective is a new phenomenon in natural, tasty, nutritious eating. We honestly believe that food for your body isn’t quite enough – there must be food with flavour for your soul too. So if naughty, nice AND good for you is your thing – look no further.

Soul Food Collective creates unique, great tasting products, based on authentic, best quality and nourishing all-natural ingredients, without compromise.
Feast Your Eyes On Our Collection:

  • Soul Food Collective Organic & Snacks – unforgettably moreish, made from the best quality freeze dried fruits and lightly roasted seeds or soya beans, all full of natural, sensational, crunchy flavour and covered in sumptuous Fairtrade chocolate
  • Unique in the UK: Le Diablotin, Creative, Paladin, and Il Cipressino product ranges. Our devilishly spicy Hot Sauces, flavour-packed Vinegars and Dressings with a fruity twist and delicious organic Italian Pestos & Sauces will bring out the chef in you. Go on, fruitify your salads and spice up your rice as never before!




The end of the week is here and we are powering our way through by keeping active with lots of exercise! Healthy body is a healthy mind <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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The end of the week is here and we are powering our way through by keeping active and feeling alive with lots of exercise! We always say #KeepFit with your body and you will feel healthy in the mind!

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The weekend has arrived and we are keeping our souls healthy and loving life with fun activities outdoors! What fun activity are you up to today?